Ehemalige Mitarbeiter

Dr. Dongyu Guo

Ehem. Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Dr. Dongyu Guo

Zur Person:

Ehemalige wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (Okt. 2015 - Mär. 2020)


Publications (Stand 2020):

2. Asymmetric price adjustments: A supply side approach  (with F. Antoniou and R. Fiocco), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 50, 335-360, 2017.

1. Mergers between regulated firms with unknown efficiency gains (with R. Fiocco), Review of Economic Design, 19(4), 299-326, 2015.

Working Papers (Stand 2020):

1. Partial ownership interests and their competitive effects

2. Vertical integration and investments with limited regulatory commitment